Every piece tells a story

Every piece expresses a feeling

Softly flowing silk, intense colors, elegant cuts – Xandra Myriam Krahe’s clothing and leather jackets have a language of their own. They express the strength, mystery and spirituality found within color. Xandra Myriam Krahe has lost almost all her sense of sight, meaning that colors lead her through life. Her work is inspired by her discovery of color therapy. Certain colors have the power to make people feel calm, optimistic and happy. They can help us to focus, to improve our energy levels, and to heal. Colors are constantly influencing people on a subconscious level. As a designer, Xandra Myriam Krahe plays with these effects, with strong accents and exciting combinations which create a deeply moving effect. There are two colors which are especially important to her – violet and turquoise. She sees violet as a dignified color, representing meditation and intuition. Turquoise is a luminous color, which symbolizes clear creative expression (among other things). She says “violet is my black, turquoise is my white.”

Xandra Myriam Krahe is fascinated by the transformation that occurs in the special moment when a woman puts on a dress, and it seems to alter her whole appearance in a heartbeat. The dress becomes part of her gestures, her walk, the way she lights up a room, and also boosts her self confidence. This is the magic that inspires Xandra Myriam Krahe to design.

Her long silk dresses feel soft and breezy, and seem to hug the sensual curves of their owner, giving her the grace and charm of a Greek goddess. They evoke the sensuality and playfulness of feminine charm, combined with a soft and subtle provocativeness which captures everyone’s attention. The combination of her leather jackets with this look makes Xandra Myriam Krahe’s collection represent glamor and extravagance, with a pinch of cool. Her clothes are made for confident women – for women who aren’t afraid to wear colors, for women who say yes to life, for cosmopolitan women, who understand themselves as citizens of the world in the same way as the designer. Each piece in the collection tells its own story, through color, pattern, and the influences of different cultures. Whoever wears her designs will sense this unique aspect.

Xandra Myriam Krahe’s fashion is versatile. Whether it’s a lunch date, shopping in the city, an exhibition opening or an evening out, there’s a perfect outfit for every occasion in her collection – either combined with flip flops or a pair of elegant high heels. The clothes are also made of a light enough material to fit into any handbag. Only the finest possible silk is used for the dresses, sometimes combined with Sea cell fibers – a powerful substance from the ocean which has a healing effect on the skin. The highest quality lamb leather is used for the leather jackets. Stained python leather and spikes give an exciting element of Luxery (X-couture). Xandra Myriam Krahe’s pieces are authentic – each one is created with love, and only available in limited edition. Production takes place in France and Germany, promising the best possible workmanship.