The Designer



At the age of 12 the designer lost almost all of her eyesight. This tragic occurrence changed her life dramatically. Colours were the only thing that she could see clearly and they would guide her through her life. Xandra Myriam Krahe explains, “I feel very secure, certain, and strong after discovering the power of my voice and trusting the energy of colours.”

Not only does she see the colours, but she also senses and feels them – their magic, their inimitable, luminous power, their beauty and intensity. This “weakness” became her strongest ally in her work as a fashion designer. Following the colours, the energy, and her intuition, is the foundation of her passionate accomplishments. Xandra Myriam Krahe has a creative nature that not only manifests itself in fashion.

Her passion for creating also extends to interior design and music.
In her early years in Paris, she devoted herself to dance while starting the studies of business and fashion.

She finds inspiration in her countless trips and journeys to Marrakech, Dubai, Cannes, Paris, and Berlin. To understand all the different cultures and energies of the world as a whole is an important base of her thinking and is reflected in her creations.

Her creations are marked by her distinct signature and are the result of her very personal life experience – a journey that started with an idea about searching, getting lost, and finally finding sensibility and passion.