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You will surely enjoy your vacation with this Resort-collection on a yacht, or in a hotel.
This collection is inspired by the designer’s countless trips and journeys to Marrakech, Dubai, Cannes, Paris, and Berlin.
The essence of these creations is to understand all the different cultures and energies of the world as a whole.
There’s always a perfect outfit for every occasion, whether you are going on a lunch date, or shopping in the city, either you combined it with flips flops or a pair of high heels.
This can be fit into a handbag as it is made of light material.
Using the finest possible silk for dresses, sometimes combined with SeaCell (TM) fibers. It has a powerful substance from the ocean, which has a healing effect on the skin.
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, there may be a delay in delivery time.The approximate delivery is 3 weeks.
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what is a Lilay? Some call it a poncho, others...
Sold out Restocking Spring 2022
Have you ever been able to wear your morning favorites...


Feel the softness with these long silky dresses.
It will hug your sensuous curves and will give you the grace of a Greek goddess.
They evoke the sensuality and playfulness of feminine charm, combined with a subtle provocativeness that captures everyone’s attention.
This will be shipped from Italy, so expect a delay.
The approximate delivery is 3-6 weeks

Sold out Restocking Spring 2022
Sold out Restocking Spring 2022


Luxery by Xandra’s jacket’s collection are pieces of art.
The materials are chosen in Italy and France, it also has the same leathers as Chanel, Hermes, and Cavalli.
The finest material is being used for custom-made jackets.
Delivery time is 3-6 weeks.